Probate and Guardianship

We practice Probate and Guardianship law.When you lose a loved one, managing finances, taking care of an estate and the accompanying emotional burdens can seem overwhelming. If you have been named an executor, or you are a beneficiary to an estate, you want to protect your rights and interests throughout the probate process. At Walters Law Office, we work directly with our clients to ensure a smooth journey as we guide executors through the probate administration process.

If your minor child receives an inheritance, or if you have an elderly parent who is no longer able to handle his or her affairs, we can help you set up a guardianship. Once the guardianship is established and the court has appointed you as guardian, we can continue to assist you in preparing and filing necessary accounts and reports.

When you need to take legal steps to provide for the care of a family member, we encourage you to contact a caring, knowledgeable attorney at Walters Law Office. We know the laws, procedures and techniques associated with the setup of legally sound guardianships and conservatorships — and we are dedicated to finding the optimum solution for your specific needs.